In Tekirdağ, Çorlu, 10,000m² closed and 5000m² open area factory, PU, ​​PVC and PU & PVC condition of the new generation upholstery, bags, shoes, clothing, belt and agendanlik artificial leather products we produce with our experienced and expert staff.

Accuracy and honesty are our priority values ​​in all our business processes and relationships.

We conduct our activities with international standards, corporate governance, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection principle.

The quality of our products and services starts with the quality of our employees. With this awareness, in line with the expectations of our employees, our customers, self-renewing, high experience in the industry, a new technology and trends that follow the necessary efforts for the development of individual efforts and support.

We export 30% of our annual production capacity of 10,000,000m to the countries of the United States, especially to the Balkans and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


By integrating our solidarity culture and desire of development with the name of ALMINA, to present products and services at universal quality and standards, to reflect the sectors including furniture, bags, shoes, clothing, belts and organizers of our market, creating artificial leather types with needs and innovative designs and creations. , our company’s domestic and international competitiveness and prestige to contribute to the increase and to have a say in the sector is our main goal.


It is our duty to create value for our customers, partners and dealers, to respond consistently to their expectations, to be a symbol of reliability and respectability by protecting our products and to stand by our customers after sales, by managing our company’s resources and assets and our working time with efficiency awareness.